Yet when the major players go head to head Happened to Breonna Taylor could have happened to me because of the color of our skin, Adebayo said. Want people to understand that Black lives do matter. We tired of seeing our brothers and sisters dying at the hand of police brutality for no reason.

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What I can’t stop thinking about is the 2 million+ people who get concussions each year. Often caused by sports injuries (hello football, lacrosse, boxing, bmx, and rodeo!), or soldiers returning from Afghanistan or Iraq (over 15% come home with brain injuries). Concussions can also come about from a fall or bump to the head, and are basically a “brain sprain”, although recovering from a concussion puts is more challenging than repairing a sprained ankle..

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Jamie isn’t the only crusader as of late to advocate change to the American diet Berkeley Professor Michael Pollan has also been a standout voice for real food. This ‘real food’, as Pollan describes, is different from the “foodlike edible substances” that we’ve become accustomed to. Food as our grandparents knew it wasn’t laced with man made chemicals.

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