Gig log: Mobile DJ Service – Craig’s 40th Birthday Celebration, Milnerton – Evergreen Music

Our mobile dj service was called upon by Craig from Milnerton this time to entertain his friends and family at his 40th birthday celebration. The theme was Hawaiian, and all the guests had dressed in bright and floral clad clothing. As this was in a garden, we installed some of our up-lights around to add a bit of mood and light to the evening. The background music to a spit braai quickly became dance music to party by. Everybody had a blast, so much... Read More

Gig log: Paul’s 40th Birthday Celebration, Milnerton Sports Club – Evergreen Music

Paul celebrated his birthday at the Milnerton sports club hall, and asked us to dj at his party. The hall was dressed in smart black and silver decorations. All Pauls friends and family turned up for what was to be most excellent evening. Everybody enjoyed a lovely dinner, and then followed with dancing for everyone. We played music ranging from the 60’s to current. But as always, everybody enjoyed the 80’s the most.   #gallery-2... Read More

Gig log: Michelle’s 40th Birthday Celebration – Kommetjie

Everything was perfect for a wonderful evening of fun and dancing. We trekked all the way to Kommetjie loaded to the brim with mobile dj equipment. Our dj service was hired to entertain approx 30 people to celebrate Michelle’s 40th birthday. The venue was Michelle’s lovely home in Kommetjie. High ceilings and a tiled floors was perfect for our lights and lasers, and lovely to dance on. After everybody arrived we started playing some easy... Read More

Gig log: Mobile DJ Services -Sharon’s 40th Birthday Party – Milnerton Canoe Club

This was the perfect evening for this memorable birthday party held at the Milnerton Canoe Club. Everybody was dressed to the T and up for a fun evening of dancing and socializing. Sharon and her family had cooked up a feast for everybody to enjoy. This cozy little venue was perfect for a birthday party. The dance floor had glass doors that opened up to the Milnetron Lagoon and a lovely view the  wood bridge going onto Woodbridge Island. #gallery-4... Read More

Gig log: Mobile DJ Service – Floraine and Gerrit Combined 40th Birthday, Durbanville Sports Club =Evergreen Music

Best friends, Floraine and Gerrit celebrated a combined 40th birthday in the Durbanville Sports Club hall.  We were hired to DJ and entertain the guests during dinner, and to get everyone dancing after the live entertainment. The weather was miserable, and made the unloading of our equipment very difficult as there wasn’t any open loading zones for us to park closer to the venue. This however didn’t dampen our spirit, and we gave everybody... Read More