Gig log: Wedding DJ Services – Ryan & Rouxnelle – Lagoon Beach Hotel, Cape Town – Evergreen Music

Our Wedding DJ Services were used by a lovely couple by the name’s of Ryan and Rouxnelle. They planned their entire wedding at the Lagoon Beach Hotel in Milnerton. What a dream setting for a beach wedding. The deck is a stone’s throw away from the beach. You have table mountain in the background. Waves crashing in the background. Seagulls flying and squawking in the distance.  What a beautiful city Cape Town is.

Ryan and Rouxnelle knew they were taking a chance by having a outdoor ceremony so late in autumn, and was almost disappointed with bad weather, when hours before the start of the ceremony the clouds cleared up just off the coast. We called Ryan early on the morning and asked if we were going to switch to Plan -B, but he was confident all a long that the weather would clear up all along. And the positive thinking worked.

This was lovely wedding with a real personal touch that you only see at weddings where the bride takes charge of the decorations. Its just not the same if its done by a company or wedding planner. As it is quite a big venue with lots of glass sliding doors leading to a deck, the bridal couple decided to use our medium sized sound and light package for entertainment. As the theme colour was blue, Rouxnelle wanted to have blue up-lights to add some atmosphere. Since the 1 side of the venue is completely glass. And to draw curtains closed, and block out the view was simply  a bad idea. So in the end, we managed to use the lighting along the ceiling of the venue, and creating a marvelous lighting effect.

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