Gig log: Wedding DJ Services – James and Juanita Wedding – Barrique, Vredenheim– Evergreen Music

Our wedding dj services were once again called on by James and Juanita at the Barrique venue, at Vredenheim in Stellenbosch. This is a nice little cozy venue in the heart of the winelands. Unfortunately the venue didn’t follow instructions from the groom, and didn’t leave any space for the wedding dj and his equipment. This almost caused a disaster, but luckily we managed to save the day by fitting our DJ equipment into a corner off the side of the venue. We prefer to be right next to the dance floor, but if all else fails, we’ll make due with what ever the situation.

As the venue has no cooling either, it got uncomfortably hot inside the venue. It made our jobs even more difficult, but we managed to keep people dancing. Luckily all our lighting is of the LED type, and didn’t cause any extra heat. Finally after the bride and groom had left at around 11PM, and guests were still dancing and having fun. The venue operator decided “home time”, and just turned the power off, and started to clear tables and pack up their furniture. No call for last dance, last round or anything? Very surprising since the venue was rented until 12AM.
All in all a lovely wedding, apart from the venue operators doing their best to ruin things. I would not recommend this venue to anyone.  Goes to show that as a wedding dj service, you have to be prepared for the worst situation.


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