Gig log: Shavon and Alex Wedding – The Ritz, Sea Point

We were hired as Wedding DJ for Shavon and Alex wedding at The Ritz in Sea Point. It was blazing hot that day, but it did not deter us from the task at hand. Luckily we like to be prepared, and always finish setting up early. Because on this day, the guests started entering the venue almost a hour early. They were greeted with lovely cold cocktails and some smooth jazz to help shrug off the heat. Soon all the formalities were underway, and all the speeches were done. We were also hired to do a animated laser show, which everybody loved. Soon after the dancing started, and carried on until everybody was exhausted. This was a strange wedding as we never got to meet the bride or groom before the wedding. The entire wedding was arranged by the brides sister and mother who everybody that was there will agree did an excellent job.

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