Gig log: Mobile DJ Service – Floraine and Gerrit Combined 40th Birthday, Durbanville Sports Club =Evergreen Music

Best friends, Floraine and Gerrit celebrated a combined 40th birthday in the Durbanville Sports Club hall.  We were hired to DJ and entertain the guests during dinner, and to get everyone dancing after the live entertainment.

The weather was miserable, and made the unloading of our equipment very difficult as there wasn’t any open loading zones for us to park closer to the venue. This however didn’t dampen our spirit, and we gave everybody the opportune to get rid of the cold on the dance floor.  We played bunches of 80s classics mixed with selected newer hits kept smiles on everybody’s faces. Of course this was only after everybody was entertained by none other then the talented  T-Sakkie Sisters. There was no theme to this party. The hosts only gave us a short list of preferred artists and 3 dedications to do during the course of the evening.

T-Sakkie Sisters perform

T-Sakkie Sisters at 40th Birthday Party – Evergreen Music

Made up tables with Balloons- Evergreen Music

Guests getting ready for the evening ahead – Evergreen Music

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