Evergreen Music purchases Quickshow 2.0

A complete laser system

After a lot of deliberation and testing of different laser control packages. Taking all their various advantages and disadvantages into consideration, Lasershow Designer – Quickshow 2.0 came out tops.

Quickshow comes from Pangolin, makers of the top selling and most awarded laser software LD2000. Based on Pangolin’s over 20 years of programming experience, Quickshow makes it easy to design high quality laser shows.

Because of this advanced software, we are now capable of laser graphics as well as beam effects. We have everything you need for a modern laser light show. A quick rundown of what we can offer and our capabilities:





  • Still frames (graphics and logos)
  • Animated frames
  • Abstracts
  • Text
  • Automated tracing of bitmaps (BMP, JPG, GIF)



Beams and planes of laser light

Beams and atmospherics

  • Beam targeting
  • Beam shapes (fans, cones, waves, etc.)


Show production methods


  • Live shows (laser jockey)
  • Pre-programmed shows
  • Mixed shows with both live and pre-programmed elements
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